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Manufacturing Capabilities



Hezarfen Aero has 1200  closed area reserved for production. Most of the products are assembled on workbenches. Production team is equipped with many hand tools including:


-       Hand riveters

-       Squeeze guns

-       Torque Guns

-       Torque Wrenches

-       Sealant Guns

-       Drilling Guns

-       Drilling Machines



In addition to hand equipment, Hezarfen Aero has purchased Gemcor G 200 BCHX-60 Semi Automatic Riveting Machine from TAI. This machine has 36” throat depth and provides speed and accuracy in drilling and riveting.


Some of the in-house manufacturing capabilities are as follows:


-       Drilling

-       Riveting

-       Sealant and Adhesive Applications

-       Electrical Bonding

-       Bolt & Nut Installation and Torqueing




Additional capabilities, such as NC machining, sheet metal forming or surface treatment are available by certified supplies located nearby.


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