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Hezarfen Aerospace is located in Ankara. Ankara has particular characteristics when it comes to industry. Many defense industry applications, such as NC machining, sheet metal forming, surface treatment, composite fabrication, harness manufacturing, tool design and production are currently available in Ankara. These SME’s are already suppliers for Turkey’s defense organizations like TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), Aselsan (Electronic Applications for Military), Roketsan (Rocket and Missile Manufacturer). Most of SME’s are certified for worldwide accepted standards (e.g. NADCAP, AS9100C).


This wide range of capabilities can be utilized by a carefully organized Supply Chain Management. Hezarfen Aero has ABAS ERP software and experienced staff to manage this complex task. The logistics challenge becomes easier when multiple manufacturing requirements can be satisfied in one location.



As a result, Hezarfen Aerospace is confident to provide build-to-print work packages including sub-assembly, assembly and component level products.


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